Advocates believes that no law firm can be all things to all people and, from its inception, chose to restrict its practice to litigation and dispute resolution in the areas of:


Practice Description

At Advocates LLP, we have a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative lawyers providing bankruptcy and insolvency legal services. In particular, our professional team of bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers counsels and represents a variety of stakeholders in bankruptcy and insolvency related matters and proceedings arising under both federal and Ontario law. By way of example, these laws include the:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act;
  • Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act;
  • Farm Debt Mediation Act; and
  • Personal Property Security Act.

In addition, we counsel and represent stakeholders in developing strategies in respect of all aspects of secured and unsecured collection matters and informal workout or restructuring situations.

A sampling of some of our clients includes:

  • Financial institutions such as banks, credit unions and leasing companies;
  • Mortgage and private lenders;
  • Commercial landlords and tenants;
  • Judgment creditors;
  • Court appointed and private receivers;
  • Trustees in bankruptcy;
  • Bankrupts and proposal debtors;
  • Businesses; and
  • Farmers.

Practice Description

  • Employment Law;
  • Commercial Landlord & Tenant Litigation;
  • Shareholders Disputes;
  • Partnership Disputes;
  • Commercial Arbitration;
  • Real Estate Litigation;
  • Injunctions;
  • Real Estate Realization; and
  • Banking Litigation.

Practice Description

  • Tendering Impropriety Claims & Disputes;
  • Delay and Impact cost claims;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Lien Claims
  • Labour & Material Bond claims;
  • Performance Bond claims;
  • Architect & Engineer Liability claims;
  • Engineering Defence;
  • Risk Management & Facilitation in Construction; and
  • Mediation & Arbitration Services.

Practice Description

Complex, multi-party commercial disputes, whether they involve construction claims or professional liability claims are difficult to resolve. Our experience has shown us that, in the right circumstances, with the right mediator the parties often negotiate a final resolution, or at the very least narrow the issues that can assist in advancing the case.

Jim LeBer and Marcia Oliver have extensive, practical hands-on experience in dealing with such disputes, and bring those insights to bear when they work with other lawyers and their clients as mediators, helping them get to practical solutions to complex problems. They would be pleased to speak with you about how either of them can work with you and the others involved in your case, to design alternative dispute resolution solutions, including mediation or arbitration and other more creative approaches that go beyond “typical” litigation. They offer their services to lawyers and clients acting as either mediators or arbitrators, and invite you to get in touch to discuss how they can assist.


Practice Description

  • Insurance Defence for Architects & Engineers;
  • Accountants;
  • Lawyers;
  • Securities Brokers/Dealers; and
  • Financial Advisors.